Sunday, October 5, 2014

Monthly C4K

My first C4K of this month was on 9/7 and I commented on Neo's blog. He is a 12-year-old boy from New Zealand. His blog post was titled, "Why Exercise is Important." His argument was that it is important for kids to be active so they grow up with a habit of being healthy and he lists reasons why it is important to stay fit. I commented that I agreed with his reasons for staying fit and that I also thought it is very important for children to get into the habit of staying fit. I provided an example of two boys in my neighborhood that are always outside throwing the ball after school  instead of watching TV or playing video games and that my family frequently talks about how awesome we think it is that those young boys take the time to go outside and play. In my comment I said I believed that because those boys are outside playing all the time that they will most likely grow up to live long, healthy lives if they keep up the good habits.

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My second C4K of this month was to Kenneth in Maryland. He is in 8th grade who really likes chicken and football. In one of his blog posts titled, "My Mark," he stated he wanted to make a career out of football and I commented that I was a huge football fan and I wished him luck in his endeavors towards making that dream come true.

My third C4K for this month was Jade P from a high school in Iowa. The blog post I commented on was a debate on whether hard work or talent was more important. I commented in agreement with her argument that hard work was more important than talent. Her blog post at the time seemed unfinished because her last sentence was "An example of that would be if someone" but in my comment I said that if there was a "..." after someone, she could invite others to comment on her blog post with more ideas which could turn into a potential class discussion.

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