Sunday, October 26, 2014

C4K #2

My first C4K for this month was to Kenneth again who attends John Hanson French Immersion School in Maryland. In his latest blog post, he posted about how he does not want to change anything about his life and that he loves the way things are. I commented that I loved that he was so happy with how things are but that I was the complete opposite! I love change and always find room for improvement. I like to challenge myself and push myself to the limit to see where it will take me. In a previous post of his, he talked about how he wanted to make a career out of football so in this comment, I also challenged him to push himself to improve and to strive for better and he will be able to do anything he sets out to do!

 My second C4K this month was to Carlie from Wisconsin. The blog post I commented on was called, Being Someone's Hero (One for the Murphy's). It was about how a hero is not always someone in a movie and can be anyone who simply makes your day a little brighter. She opened up her blog post with a couple of questions asking her readers what being a hero to someone means to them. I commented in admiration of how she opened up her blog post with a self reflecting question. She went on in her blog talking about how much her friend's family means to her because they always make her day better and she encourages her readers at the end to go out and be a hero to someone else by making their day better! How sweet! I commented about how inspiring her post was and loved that she gave her readers homework to touch someone's life today.

hero definition

My third C4K this month was to Iona's 5SC from Scotland. She put together six short sentences that described what sounded like a nice outdoor wedding. Her last sentence was about a swan swimming in a pond. I commented explained that I was a student from the University of South Alabama and my class let's us comment on blogs of people from all over the world. I also said that I loved her description of an outdoor wedding and swan was my favorite part. I also wished her luck in school!

My fourth C4K this month was Sohel' s blog. He is a year 6 student at Pt England School in Auckland, NZ who likes sports and apparently is a fan of Minecraft. Sohel's latest blog post was a captivating story about two characters who face a challenge in the game of Minecraft and just when you think the problem was solved, the story ends in a cliffhanger that shows the problem has only just begun. I commented in awe of his use of a captivating first sentence and how he leaves the audience wanting to know more about the characters. I know nothing about Minecraft but the way he was describing the action made me want to play!

minecraft picture

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