Sunday, October 26, 2014

Blog Post #10

What Can We Learn from Mrs. Cassidy?

be positive

From watching the video interviews between Mrs. Cassidy and Dr. Strange, I learned:

-          Mrs. Cassidy started using technology when she only had 5 computers with no programs on them, only internet access.
-          They made blogs, videos, and webpages.
-          You should send home a waiver with your students for their parents to sign and be aware of their activity online and about how you will post pictures and still protect their identity.
-          Technology has changed, so we have to change.
-          Technology should be incorporated no matter what grade you teach
-          Blogs are useful because the students (or anyone with a blog) have an audience, to network and meet people and other students from all around the world to learn from them.
-          The kids are getting writing, audio, and video experience from blogging alone.
-          Skype is another useful way to connect the students with other classrooms or experts.

-          Twitter is a useful way to expand your PLN

-          Twitter is a VERY useful way to expand your PLN. Great way to learn about resources from other teachers or people interested in the things that you are interested in

-          If you are a future teacher, GET A TWITTER

-          You could use a blog for Physical Education to relay messages to students
-          Since some projects are becoming more collaborative, the teacher needs to get creative in ways to get the students to present their work.
-          Facebook could also be a great way to find resources, post announcements, etc. as long as you and others use it professionally

-          Protect the kids by only posting first name, posting pictures without matching the students, teaching them what websites are safe to use for information, teaching them that there are websites out there that are “not nice” and to not go there for their own protection, teaching them to only post nice things online

I think Mrs. Cassidy’s approach to using technology in her classroom is admirable in the fact that she knows the students are growing up with technology as something normal in their lives and instead of hiding that fact, she is embracing it to the fullest even if she does not have others around her applying it like she does. She began using technology when she was given 5 computers with no programs on it. The computers only had internet access and she learned to manage and work with what she had and it has bloomed from there.
One of the techniques I will use in my classroom is the use of a class blog and each of my students having blogs of their own. I love the idea of having a class blog that students, parents, and the world can see of updates in my classroom, keeping parents posted, displaying what we are doing in the classroom, current events, etc. I also love the idea of each of my students using blogs as a personal portfolio of their work. This is a great way for parents to see what their child is doing in class on their own time, a way to teach the kids how to be safe on the internet, how to post positive comments, and a way for them to interact with people from all over the world.
One impediment I might encounter would be students posting not-so-nice comments on another student’s blog. Although I would teach students ahead of time the reasons for positive comments and why negative comments are not okay, if it were to happen I would use it as a learning opportunity to reteach the importance on positive comments and possible outcomes if there comment would have been posted for everyone to see.


  1. Hi Victoria!
    This was a great post! I can really tell you are committed to this profession. You are preparing yourself to become a world-class 21st century style teacher which shows by the enormous amount of information you learned from the videos. I really liked Mrs. Cassidy's ideas about starting Twitter and a class blog. Like you, I too will have a class blog for my students. I especially liked that you would teach your students the possible outcomes if their negative comment was posted for everyone to see. It seems that you would take a positive approach instead of causing shame to the student that would have posted the negative one. Keep up the good work! Have a great semester!

  2. Please use complete sentences when recapping the videos.