Tuesday, October 14, 2014


stack of childrens books

The teacher I was assigned for this C4T was Mrs. Kathy Cassidy. She is a first grade teacher at Prairie South Schools in Moose Jaw, SK, Canada. I visited her blog on 9/28/14 and her latest blog post at that point was titled "Listening to Reading in a One iPad Classroom." It had such great ideas on activities to do in the classroom and tips for how to handle certain situations she has run into so others would know ahead of time. She also posted many helpful resources like a link to Unite for Literacy Library with over one hundred ebooks for beginning readers. I commented on that blog post with complete adoration over that post and her entire blog because of the ideas and resources she has on her blog. I was thoroughly impressed and inspired. Check her blog out here!

The next visit to Mrs. Cassidy's blog, I commented on a blog post titled, "Three Options for Independent Reading on the iPad." This post was about finding good quality books for the students to read on the iPad. From what she found from various sources, there are three different websites or apps that she found where they provide a variety of books available on the iPad. One being an app called Epic!. If you log in as an educator, your account is free and you and your students can log in and read the same book at the same time on the iPad with no problem! I don't know why this sounds so fun to me but it does and I can only imagine how fun it would be for the kids to be able to find awesome, quality books on this app for them to choose from!
The next resource she talked about was a website called Unite for Literacy. It has hundreds of beginning level books with a read aloud option if they get stuck on a word. I think this would be great in lower level classrooms.
Finally, she talks about the Kindle app for the iPad. She has 5 different Amazon accounts for each iPad in her classroom and she waits for books to become free and she will download them to each iPad.
I commented on that post saying that I loved her creativity in her resources and how efficient her reasources would be to someone with little to no budget. I also shared with her another great website with Free Kids Books that has a variety of books to choose from that can be read aloud to the child, downloaded as a pdf, or read online!

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