Thursday, November 13, 2014


On November 13, 2014, I visited Mathew Needleman's blog titled Creating Lifelong Learners. I commented on a post from October about asking open-ended questions in the classroom. In the post he described how teaching used to be, and how it is changing. He also shared some of his experiences with asking open-ended questions and how it worked for him. At the end of the post he asked for tips for asking open-ended questions. I commented agreeing that the way of teaching has changed/is changing and that open-ended questions are a great way to keep students engaged and to grasp a deeper understanding of a concept. I listed a few examples of open-ended questions and left a tip that teachers should ask more questions based off what a student answers and play off of that to continue discussion and to see their way of thinking. You might learn something from them!
ask questions
I revisited Mathew's blog on November 30 and commented on a post from September. It was an informative post about how to teach students to write narratives and how they can practice without having them write the cliche personal narratives. He had some very good ideas like having showing them a shoe and having them write a story about the person who wore it and showing then a picture or painting and having them write about one of the people in that picture. I commented saying that they were great ideas and very creative and that I like the ideas. I will be using them in the future!  

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