Sunday, November 9, 2014


On October 26, I visited Lee Kolbert's blog titled A Geeky Momma and commented on a post from August 10, 2014. This was a very useful blog post for me and I know will be great help to any other teacher, future teacher, or parent. In the blog post, she posted on how sometimes kids will come into your classroom with not-so-great study habits. She stresses the importance of spending time with your students to help them improve their study habits. I commented on how useful this can be for any student and I also think it is important for children to form good study habits early on because the studying is only amplified after each grade.

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On November 2, I visited Lee Kolbert's blog again and commented on a post from August 5, 2012 called, EDTech Jargon Bingo. It is a post about how people use "fluff" words when talking about engaging students to an audience and she made it into a BINGO game! I think this is very funny for people to recognize and make a game out of it. I commented saying how amusing that is and how I have also noticed a lot of the same lingo being used in speeches, tutorials, videos about project based learning, etc. This is a sample of one of Kolbert's BINGO cards:

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