Sunday, August 24, 2014

About EDM310; Blog Post #1

A New EDM310 Student

-Things I have heard about EDM310
- My fears about the class
- Comparing EDM310 to other classes
- My weakness in this class
- How I will address it

I have heard that EDM310 is a time consuming class and that it can be pretty difficult. With that being said, I have also heard that the knowledge you consume during this class can be extremely helpful in the future. My only fear about this class is that I may not catch onto something as quickly as I would like to. I can figure out my way around the computer but when it comes to HTML coding (my personal weakness), I will have to work overtime to figure that one out! 

Source: Photo courtesy of This awesome HTML lesson website

It is only the first week of school but EDM310 seems like it will not be like any other college course I have taken. One thing that stood out to me in Dr. Strange's video is that he stated that he does not like grades and instead wants us to do honest, self-evaluations. The reason this stood out to me so much is because most teachers from day one of class talk about the things you must do to get an A in their class. While I do believe this will be a challenging course, I can tell that Dr. Strange really wants us to learn to better our teaching skills and our future rather than giving us assignments so he can grade us and move along. The most challenging part for me will most likely be dealing with HTML codes. I honestly want to get better at doing them and understanding them more so I am eager to see what I will take away from it! The only way I can address the assignments with HTML is to face it head on, know that it will be difficult, and to buckle down and learn how to do it myself. The trial and error method works best for me!

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  1. I am going to start off by saying that you're not the only person afraid of HTML codes! I will definitely have to pay attention when it comes to learning about those! I do agree with you on the level of difficulty and how time consuming this class seems, but I also love the fact that we're not forced to to memorize information, only to burp it out on to a test. I believe hands on teaching and practice will only make us better teachers in the future! I strongly encourage you to ask questions if something doesn't make sense, that's what Dr. Strange and his assistants are there for.